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Saturday November 16, 2019

Sound Meditation Exploration

with Joy Lasher

In this in depth study, you’ll learn the history of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, different mallet styles and singing bowl styles. We will also discuss what to look for when purchasing a singing bowl for sound meditation use. You’ll be taught singing bowl techniques, how to prepare the space and your atmosphere for sound and how to incorporate singing bowls into your yoga classes, as well as, how to use singing bowls for your personal practice.

Our time will include the discussion of the healing benefits of sound, how to facilitate sound on the body, and group sound. There will be a refreshing 60 minute sound bath meditation at the end of the course to complete our time together.

9am-5pm   |   Langhorne Studio
Price: $180/person. Please pre-register.

Sunday, June 6, 2019

Instructing Meditation for Yoga Teachers

with Dana Maria Cilento

In this full-day immersion in Meditation, you will be instructed in how to teach Meditation to beginners and new practitioners. You will learn how meditation affects the brain, and about the mental and physical to benefits of this challenging but worthwhile practice.
We will also explore:
  • Empirical and scientific information to both support its efficacy and aid in its promotion to your students
  • Several different techniques of meditation including breath work, japa, mantra, and guided visualization
  • The concept of mindfulness to understand it’s origin and its current popularity
  • Compare and contrast it to the organic and original  spiritual place and purpose of meditation in the eight-limbed system
  • Contextualize understanding of the role of Meditation vs. the Asana Practice in the Yoga Sutras.
  • Examine the challenges and pitfalls of Meditation both for your prospective students and your own personal practice
  • Come away with tools to support students as they begin to cultivate a regular practice.
Finally, you will have an opportunity to “find your voice” by leading your fellow students in one of the techniques of meditation in real time with a mini practice-teach, as is done in the asana portion of your training.
 9am – 5pm   |   Langhorne
Price: $175/person. Please pre-register.