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Still Spinning: Yin Yoga and the Chakras

Chakras are energetic vortices running approximately along the length of the spine. They contain and disseminate life-force energy (prana), and are believed to reign over life-issues. We could relate with them as programs in the bio-computer of the human body: we each have a program for survival, pleasure, will power/action, relationships, etc. In this workshop, students will sink into yin yoga poses that are believed to influence or be influenced by different chakras as they learn about the many different associations ascribed to each center.
Symptoms of excess, deficiency and balance will be explored, as well as affirmations to potentially initiate balance and healing. Regarding this as an opportunity to practice Svadhyaya (self-inquiry) each participant has the opportunity to accept themselves whole-heartedly, exactly as they are, while recognizing limiting patterns and initiating powerful change from a place of self-love.
Corina Benner, RYT-500 and Studio Owner of Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia, wholeheartedly believes that the ancient practice of yoga perfectly complements our modern pursuit of vibrant health, personal fulfillment, harmonious relationships and spiritual enrichment.
Price: $35/person.
This counts as an elective in the 300hr Teacher Training. This qualifies as 2 CE credits with Yoga Alliance.

with Corina Benner

Friday, November 30, 7-9pm in Yardley


Aligning with your Heart’s Desire

with Stacey Brass-Russell

Join senior yoga teacher and certified transformational health and life coach Stacey Brass-Russell for a special Yoga + Transformational Coaching Workshop. This powerful inward journey incorporates gentle asana practice to open up the body and create energetic flow and then progresses into relaxation, breathing and meditation as powerful tools for transformation! Interspersed throughout are coaching/journaling sections where you will be writing your responses to curated questions designed to connect you to a vision for something that you would like to bring into your life experience, help you recognize any obstacles that may be coming up and then shift your belief about what is possible.

This workshop is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and more aligned with your heart’s desire!

Please bring a journal and a pen. Open to all levels.

Saturday, March 8,2019 from 7-9:30pm

Price: $45/person. Please pre-register.
This counts as an elective in the 300hr Teacher Training. This qualifies as 2 CE credits with Yoga Alliance.


Mind, Body + Spirit in Harmony: Yoga For Emotional Balance

with Lynn Cohen

When the mind, body and spirit are in harmony, a state of emotional well- being is created. Yet getting to this state can be difficult when we are experiencing challenges in our lives. This class offers yoga teachers skills and techniques that they can use for themselves and to help their students embody a more emotionally balanced way of life, especially those students experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD or who are in recovery. Skills such as emotional intelligence, coaching and meditation will be applied to teaching yoga so that you can help your students develop mastery over their own emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to both know and manage one’s own emotions and to be able to read and deal effectively with the emotions of others. It is to be able to persist in the face of frustration and challenge, to be able to control impulses and delay gratification and to maintain empathy, connection and hope even during times of adversity. Emotional Intelligence is a learnable and valuable skill and is crucial in creating an emotionally balanced state.

Come join us for a skills-based, yet experiential workshop where you can learn techniques to create more emotional balance in your own life and in the lives of your students.

Saturday , March 23, 2019 from 1-6pm

Price: $108/person. Please pre-register.
This workshop counts as a 300TT elective and can be used for 6hrs of CE credit with YA.