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YA Approved 200 Hour Training

In a studio known for its nourishing and peaceful space, this thoughtfully put together yoga teacher training program, approved by Yoga Alliance, is the perfect place to learn how to become a yoga teacher, or to deepen your own practice. This is a hybrid training of live, virtual and recorded classes. The training may be taken entirely virtual if the student prefers.

All material will be recorded, so you can jump into our training at any time. Give us a call for more details!

All current Pennsylvania Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines will be followed. This training will be limited in size.

Need more info? Send us an email! We would love to talk to you.


The 2oohr Program


Immerse yourself in:

  • Learning to apply Yogic theory and practice to our modern world as a tool for managing the ups and downs of life 
  • Holistic self-discovery to align with your truth, passionate creativity, and inner strength
  • Starting a new chapter of life rooted in mindfulness, compassion, and loving awareness
  • Embracing seasonal wellness + wisdom, including natural rhythms like the lunar cycle, and transformative ancient practices like personal astrology and Ayurveda
  • Holistic Self Care to empower and harmonize the intricate layers of your whole being, with an emphasis on your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical wellness
  • The invisible (and yet incredibly significant) world of energy and how we can work with conscious awareness to nurture our own emotional intelligence and wellbeing
  • Community connection that focuses on collective care and your willingness to participate whole heartedly in reducing the suffering of yourself and others
  • Enjoying life! Enjoying your time and company. Enjoying your body! Enjoying your unique energy and purpose. Enjoying simply being. 


  • Complete all modules
  • Read 2 books
  • Opportunity to teach Community Classes
  • Creating and presenting a workshop

Included in your Training

All 200 hour trainings include:

  • Supplemental digital materials including digital handbooks, worksheets, and self-discovery prompts
  • Signature class sequencing outlines 
  • Access to our virtual library of instructional classes, including dozens of asana alignment tutorials and self-care practices 
  • Unlimited class pass to studio, streaming, and on demand classes
  • Teacher Retreat Day
  • Special invitation to some of our most beloved studio workshops including Crystals for Self-Care and Outdoor Full Moon Yoga on the grounds of the Yardley studio. 
  • A goodie bag filled with Peacock lifestyle goodies. 
  • Sincere and serious TLC!

2021 Fall Session

This is a hybrid training of live, virtual and recorded modules, immersions, and electives. The training will be recorded and may be taken entirely virtual if the student prefers.

We will have:
• about 80 hours of in-person instruction
• 4 -10hr recorded immersions
• 28 hrs of electives
• mentorship
• teaching community classes

Live Class Module Dates:
Saturdays + Sundays, 10am-3pm
Sept 17-19 and Sept 29
Oct 2-3, Oct 13, Oct 16-17, Oct 29 and Oct 30-31
Nov 3 and Nov 13-14

Full Tuition: $3,250
Includes a $1000 deposit

Payment Plans available! Please inquire for details.